Links/Resources/Books To Explore In The World Of Permaculture. Helpful Links And Resources For Plants/Seeds/Grower Supplies

Permaculture Links/Resources/Books to Explore

The Essentials: 

As the Crow flies calculator

Bird Identifier App:

Calculating solar angles:

Convert images to jpg

Flood Maps: Fema Flood Maps (Cost $25)

Frost dates:

Koppen Geiger climate zone:

Plant ID

Plant ID App 

Upload large files but don’t lose detail by downloading this link:  to shrink the file size without losing important quality.

Wind Rose website:

Helpful Links and Resources for Plants/Seeds/Grower Supplies:

Biringer Nursery in Mt. Vernon, WA (Camperdown Elms)


Burnt Ridge Nursery (Onalaska, WA)

Citrus in the Snow:

Costco: Has a great selection of reasonably-priced fruit trees and bulbs every year

Creach Greenhouse wholesale plants Spokane

Flow Hive:

Germania Seeds

Johnny’s Seed (also some unique farm tools like the colinear hoe)

Pond Plants:

Raintree Nursery (Morton, WA)

Skagit Gardens

Stuewe and Sons: Pots for growing trees ????

Strictly Medicinal Herbs

Van Engelen (Wholesale bulbs)

Van Well Nursery (Wenatchee, WA)

Wildseed Farms: Fredericks, TX

Resources/Websites to Explore in the World of Permaculture:

These ideas/resources came from two Permaculture Design Courses I have taken over the years.


Allelopathic plant list (sunflowers, walnut)

Angelo’s Garden in Melbourne Australia: Website???? YouTube segment/tour ????

Baker Wedge Tents:

Beaver Plastics grow Styrofoam:

Bee waterers—add burlap to the edges for them

Bees: Browning Cutstock Juliaetta (208) 276-3494 Boxes $9.00 deeps Frames $1.25 each

Bees: Parson’s Gold Ohio

Berkeley Method of composting:

Bokashi indoor compost system:

Carrot storage: 1/3 ash 2/3 sand

Chicken moats:

Chicken/Poultry Food Forest

Chinampas: Hazelnuts, wild rice, camas lily, arrowhead, mulberry, willows, cattails by the edge of ponds Chinampas are sealed with clay bottoms????

Climate analogs research on plants????

Community Land Trust Movement Yrova Bob Corker, Crystal Waters QLD Australia

Compost toilets, approved plans on Geoff’s site


Cycle of animals: Horse, Goats, Cows, Sheep, Poultry and finally the plow Joel Salatin stuff????

Deep Green Permaculture

Diversion drains

Double Chamber Ram Pump (Sepp Holzer’s design)

Doulton Ceramic filters:

Envirocast stove Unforgettable Fire tiny stoves

Fedge (food hedges):

Fireproof and fire resistant plant species, deciduous trees

Flywheel effect–thermal effects climate battery theory????

Forage paddocks:

Forest Ecosystem

Fungi: Elm Oyster on Willow

Geofabric and Geofabric Pond liners

Graham Bell in Scotland Permaculture Garden

Greenhouse cool air pipes check out

Greywater Systems A Review:

Greywater Systems for waste-Lismore Council Website for reed bed plans and greywater plans????

Guilds: Chinampas: plant pecan trees around them as pecans like saturated soil, with asparagus, horse radish, watercress and wild rice

Happy Earth

Integrated Forest Gardening:

John Todd Living machines (waste filtering systems)

Liquid Kelp, Maxicrops 1 quart makes 250gallons

Local forest plant communities, Google up “Forest Habitat Types of Northern Idaho: A second approximation.” I suggest reading the intelligible parts of the first ten pages, then focusing on the plant communities that are relevant to you. The ponderosa pine series is described on pages 80-83

Maple syrup: freeze the sap and skim the sugar off the top


Migraine weather acuweather sign up:

Milk Paint Sigi Kiko

Minnesota Native Plant database is good:

Mop crops (willow, alder, bamboo, cattails)

Mulberry pleaching to make fences (Living Fences)

Mushroom Cultivation

Natural Swimming Pools/ponds Geoff Lawton’s Zatuna Farms pool

Naval Observatory—website for Azimuth sun angles

OxFam organization

Path to Freedom: with Eric Toensmeier

Permaculture Plant has reed bed designs and also wicking beds

PETRA website for water storage systems


Photo Op ideas: Cow train:

Pioneer plant sequences (Plant succession)

Plant Antagonist list (eg asparagus is an antagonist to gladioli, garlic and don’t plant nightshades by apricots)

Plant Communities (Morel is in the ponderosa pine)

Reciprocal roofs: How to:

Reed beds in poly tunnels (need 1 square meter per person for reed beds)

Reed beds: clean the grease traps every 6 months

Research fire-proofing our farm (blocking downspouts and filling gutters during a fire)

Research: Jet Pumps for future ponds. Where to get them. How much they cost.

Sand filters, how to build one (Lots of information on this process)

Sauna: Turkish Baths Hypocaust Kang Stove

Set up 4 pallets around fruit trees in the forest to protect them and to keep the mulch from being spread by the critters

Snails hibernate in drought resistant plants

Solar Chimneys and cold air pipes

Solar powered drip system parts timers, low voltage wire to time selenoids to water, multiple stations hooked up to your computer. Use moisture and rain sensors.

Spirit Bee:

Summer winds should be funneled in via a wind scoop of hedges


Talus Garland Effect

Trash Can Pumps, Rocket pumps to clean out ponds

Upstart University Online Farming Courses

Vegetation community

Walipini (underground greenhouses)

Water wheels, overshot 85% effective

What is in Native Meadow Seed? Frank Morton Gathering together farm videos

Worms: land used to be priced by evaluating the number of worms it had on it which indicates healthy soil

Zach Weiss (greenhouse)

Friends/Websites to check out on Facebook:

Bryce Ruddock—Lots on Guilds out of Milwaukie and he also has a facebook page

Dan Halsey

Isabel Shepphard herbalist

Jenny Pell

Jerry Bernetti

Marisha Auerbach:

Methow Valley Beaver Project: I thought this was a cool idea originally until I read an article where the beavers jumped the fence and mowed down an entire orchard of peach trees. After that, I wasn’t so keen on this and we just hired a big equipment operator to build a couple ponds for us!

Penny Livingston: Permaculture courses

Permaculture Institute of North America Curricula PINA

PRI Australia Institute

Women’s NW Permaculture convergence:

Zatuna Farms (Geoff Lawton) Hobbs Cascadia Permaculture

Helpful Books to Get:

Botany in a Day by Thomas J. Elpel

Edible Forest Gardens Volumes 1 and 2 by Dave Jacke and Eric Toensmeier

Essential Rainwater Harvesting System Design (Sustainable Building Essential Series) Michelle Avis

Gaia’s Garden by Toby Hemenway (one of the best!)

Integrated Forest Gardening: The Complete Guide to Polycultures and Plant Guilds in Permaculture Systems by Wayne Weiseman and Daniel Halsey

Introduction to Permaculture by Bill Mollison and Reny Mia Slay

Permaculture Design: A Step-By-Step Guide by Aranya and Patrick Whitefield

Permaculture: A Designer’s Manual by Bill Mollison

Permaculture: A Practical Guide to Small-Scale Integrative Farming and Gardening by Sepp Holzer

Peterson Guides for all kinds of Plant Identification

Plant Propagation: The American Horticultural Society Editor Alan Toogood

Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond by Brad Lancaster

The Bio-Integrated Farm: A Revolutionary Permaculture-Based System Using Greenhouses, Ponds, Compost Piles, Aquaponics, Chickens and More by Shawn Jadrnicek (This one is essential for all you beginners who are just getting a plot of land!)

The Danger of Falling Fruit by Bill Mollison

The Reference Manual of Woody Plant Propagation From Seed to Tissue Culture 2nd Edition by Michael A. Dirr and Charles W. Heuser, Jr.

The Resilient Farm and Homestead by Ben Falk

Water for Every Farm Yeoman’s Keyline System by P.A. Yeomans and Ken B. Yeomans

Water Resources:

Pond notes: make deeper spots on the shady side. More impt to heat in winter than cool in summer.

Pond: float a glass house on top to keep from freezing under it for fish oxygenation

Pond: Insert pipes for breeding fish. Lay the pipes on their side

Pond: night feeding station for fish with solar lighting. Get yellow floats for grasshoppers to leap onto and bounce off of into the water to feed the fish.

Ponds: To Do for Pond design plant a wind tunnel into the pond

Ponds: Plant mulberry trees and comfrey around edges for fish also duck forage grains and bee attracting plants

Building Natural Ponds Group (Facebook) Robert Pavlis 

Alternative Building Resources:

Cob Cottage Company in Coquille Oregon

Cordwood Building with Rob Roy

Earthbag building

Earthen Floors:

Earthships with Mike Reynolds: 

Ferro Cement: Video (20min)

I Love Natural Plaster (awesome group with lots of helpful people)

Lime Plaster:

Natural Building Blog (quite the active and encompassing group)

Polished Earth Walls:

Rainwater Harvesting with Burt Lancaster:

Rammed Earth building

Reciprocal Roofs

Rocket Mass Heaters with Erica Ritter Wisner and Ernie Wisner (training) and their book:

Sigi Koko

Straw Bale Building

The Canelo Project Athena Steen

The Mud Girls Collective

Tromb walls

Free Permaculture Design Courses: