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What We Do

Our rural, diversified homestead/small farm/nursery/food forest is a model of all things edible grown locally in our climate.

We are stewards of the land and forest. Our goal is to introduce as many people as we can to the world of permaculture homesteading.

We promote and support other growers both locally and globally.

Beautification, creativity and education (both local community and global through internet) convey our love for working with and caring for the land and its inhabitants in a responsible manner.

Our farm respects all living things, functioning as an interactive unit (well—with exception to yellow jackets maybe).

Bee Friendly

No synthetic chemicals

Pushing The Zones

We explore growing new plants outside our zone every year

Beyond Organic

We urge everyone who supports your local farms to really get to know your farmer and ask lots of questions

What People Say About Us

Gary Greenfield-Founder, Greenfield Water Solutions

Mike and Denice are faithful and true representatives of the permaculture movement in our region. Their farm is an amazing testimony to the effectiveness of permaculture practices and visiting their farm is always an interesting and inspiring experience.

Lorena Pope

I’ve known Denice and Michael for many years now. I consider them my permaculture mentors, good friends, and constant source of inspiration. Their farm is beautiful, ecological, and constantly improving and evolving with every interesting project and sustainable technique you could think of. Their soil and results have miraculous qualities that only come with time and the right natural amendments. Their experiments range from growing an almond tree from a store bought almond to hand building a new innovative greenhouse, to growing giant pumpkins. I marvel at the huge tomatilloes grown outside, the size of green apples, the peaches they grew in Deary Idaho, the giant hoophouse full of vegetables. The abundance of their land is only outdone by the generosity of their spirit of helping to further permaculture, and helping to share surplus and knowledge with the community. I’m so grateful for the two of them to have such an innovative, well run and organized demonstration permaculture farm in my community. I treasure the memories of the many garden tours they have shared with us all, and the fun events like cider making and pizzas from their cob oven. I now have established plants and flowers on my farm that Denice had given me from seeds, and cuttings. When I am on their farm I feel like I am in a wonderful earthly paradise, a beautiful future we are all capable of achieving.

Our Lifestyle:
We Work And Live Our Passions Here Year-Round

Our Growing Methods:

As a teaching facility, we utilize Permaculture, Back-to-Eden, Findhorn, Coleman, Raised Beds, Food Not Lawns, Season Extension, and French Intensive farming techniques.

  • Edible Landscape
  • Food Forest
  • Permaculture Plants
  • Medicinal and Culinary Herbs
  • Fruit/Nut/Fodder Trees
  • Tubers
  • Locally Grown Cut Flowers
  • Annual community Bare-Root Fruit Tree Order
  • Beneficial Insect Plants