About Us
Farmer Mike (Michael Robison) and myself, The Head Weeder (Dr. Denice Moffat) moved to our new place in Deary, Idaho on Dec. 24, 2008. It started as a Vision Board, with a bunch of dream pictures from magazines pinned to a cork board. We knew what we wanted. It took us a year of driving around every weekend for a year to find this place. It's pretty near perfect now. This is our journey. 
Established December 24, 2008 in the middle of a snowstorm with 30 inches of snow

The goal was to transition 70% of my practice to telephone consults because we knew we could live anywhere and pay our bills with that goal achieved.


When we first moved back to Idaho in 2004, between the two of us we had 6 jobs to cover the bills! Moscow was great for a few years but we finally decided that we needed more room. We both had lived on larger properties in our lifetimes and loved every minute of that, but where would we live?

Our Discovery

We had files and files of photos cut out from magazines saved. There were folders for what we wanted the house to look like, the property, plants we wanted, geography, and a folder for what our ideal community would be.

We got to the tipping point of re-establishing my healing business to the point where I knew we could generate enough money to pay our bills from doing phone consults.

Michael had a telephone repair business and sold water systems and worked at Rite Aid and I worked as a gardener and substitute teacher while rebuilding my Naturopathic business. We were so excited that month knowing we could move to the country!

So, one weekend we pulled the file folders out and built our vision boards.

We hadn’t even had the time to glue them onto paper before finding our final resting spot here. Then the real work began as you will see on our website and social media channels. It’s a great life and we want to help others achieve their dreams, goals and visions as well!

Our Mission

Both of us had always loved planting and growing things. Michael’s favorites are Giant Pumpkins and I just love helping anything at all grow! We discovered the world of Permaculture in 2009, fell in love with it and never looked back.

We maintain from birth to death very spoiled, happy/healthy, humanely-cared for small farm animals and birds/poultry that nurture our farm and nursery.

How we treat people:

We value building relationships of trust and respect that are sustaining, restorative, and transformative for our customers, employees, and selves.

We strive to operate our farm honorably, with creativity and profitability, with the utmost respect for those our products and services touch.